Podcast: How to design a new work environment?

When considering the design of a new work model, we should take into account not only WHERE we will work from, but more importantly HOW. Creating a new work environment is a much more complicated process than division into remote work days and working from the office. The chosen solution must meet a number of criteria, among others it must fit into the company’s business model and meet the expectations of employees.

Podcast available only in polish language.


Karolina Dudek, work environment expert at Colliers, talks about how to successfully design a new work environment and why flexibility should be the watchword in this process.

In this podcast you will learn, among other things:

  • Where to start in the work system design process?
  • What should a work system redesign strategy look like and what guarantees its success?
  • At what stages of the process is flexibility necessary?
  • Is there room for error and how to minimize it?
  • What changes will occur in our reality along with the development of hybrid work?
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