Podcast: How do you use a move to transform your company culture?

A move can be a great opportunity to introduce better communication, new business processes, or improve management methods within the company.

Podcast available only in polish language.

Moving or renovating can and certainly does bring up associations of a difficult time for a business for many of us. The changes implemented in the office can translate into efficiency within the organization. The question is how to do it?

Questions answered in the podcast:

  • Is an office renovation or move a good time to make changes and is there a universal recipe for doing so?
  • Is it necessary to research the company’s needs and, consequently, the change project when moving?
  • Whose opinion do we care most about within the organization, and who do we involve in the process of planned changes in the company?
  • Should we “turn everything upside down” or is it better to decide on cosmetic changes?
  • Where to look for inspiration and what are the latest trends today?
  • How to choose the location and what working conditions to pay special attention to?

Joanna Kotzian – co-founder of Well.hr and Dorota Osiecka – Director of Colliers Define will help us in the move and introduce a new style of working in the company.

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