Podcast: Digital Twins | What is it and how is it impacting the growth of the construction industry?

Digital twin technology will have an increasing impact on the development of digital transformation and the Internet of Things environment.

Podcast available only in polish language.

It is safe to say that everything created by man has its reflection, a digital twin. Today, every building can be digitally mapped in order to improve it, check its capabilities, better manage it. And all this not in the real world, but in the digital world. Digital twinning of buildings gives benefits to the owner, manager and user. In addition, in the context of using the new methodology based on BIM, we already have a 3D model of the building, so we should use it and bring to life a digital twin of our investment.

Questions to be answered:

  • How is a digital twin created, what does it consist of and who creates it?
  • Is a digital twin created for an existing building or for a newly constructed building?
  • Who benefits the most? The building owner, the building manager or the building user?
  • What benefits does the digital twin give them?
  • How might this technology evolve and what lies ahead in the near future?
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