Report: Hybrid and Beyond 2022 in the SSC sector

Hybrid and Beyond in SSC: Challenges of implementing hybrid work models in the SSC sector” is a report that we are pleased to make available to you. This publication, which includes expert commentary, examines the hybrid work paradigm within the SSC industry and has been prepared for you by Colliers and ABSL. The survey of ABSL member firms in the SSC sector that are active in Poland was carried out in November 2022, and the results are presented in this report. The survey group was made up of 107 top-level managers from a wide range of centres.

Our goal was to determine what difficulties SSC firms are currently encountering in relation to hybrid work, which questions we already know the answers to, and which will continue to present difficulties in the future. We hope that the report’s analysis of the state of SSC organisations in Poland will prove useful to you.

Some of the questions that the report answers include?

  • When it comes to SSC organisations in Poland, which types of work models have been implemented?
  • What are the dominant attitudes and strategies when it comes to the return to the workplace?
  • Thirdly, what significant difficulties will SSC organisations confront in the future months and years?
  • When it comes to SSC organisations in Poland, what has changed most significantly in the work environment?
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