Guide: Hybrid Work Insights II | Rethinking Efficiency in a Hybrid Work Model

The majority of organizations are dealing with the challenges that come from operating in a hybrid work model. Efficiency is among the most frequently highlighted areas that need to be carefully monitored. Colliers Define workplace consultants present the second issue of Hybrid Work Insights, a publication that shows how to ensure the balance between different types of efficiency.


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From the guide you will learn:

  • Why does working in a hybrid model increase efficiency in some organizations and decreases it in others?
  • Why effectiveness can be understood in various ways and what is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?

Why do most employees want to work from home? How to manage the different ?

  • Why do most employees want to work from home?
  • How to manage the different expectations of employees and employers?
  • How to ensure a balance between different types of efficiency?
  • How to approach the issue of defining the model of work? What should be monitored and why?

Why is efficiency often discussed today in the context of implementing and operating in a hybrid model of work?

Some say that hybrid teams are more efficient. Others complain that efficiency is declining, and they’re advocating increased office attendance. Therefore, “efficiency” is now a widely discussed concept in the context of hybrid work and returning to the office. These conversations are not easy, as the parties involved in the discussion – employees and employers – perceive the concept of efficiency differently, which leads to misunderstandings and frustration.

Who will benefit from this guide?

The knowledge contained in this publication will be useful to executives, especially for: :

  • C-level,
  • HR Directors,
  • managers of teams working in a hybrid model.

Download the second part of Hybrid Work Insights and get access to the latest knowledge on workplace strategy and models of work.

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