Guide: Hybrid Work Insights I | Expectations gap upon returning to the office

How to deal with differences in expectations between employers and employees? Work environment consultants from Colliers Define have developed an accessible guide that analyzes the problem of different needs regarding remote work and its level of flexibility. The publication, based on data, proposes actionable methods for creating an effective working model.

What challenges do we encounter in hybrid work?

Transitioning to hybrid work is a process that involves changes at many levels of the organization. Each of the companies that have opted for this model, it takes a slightly different form – depending on workstyles, job requirements, and organizational culture. What is common, however, is the experience that as the principles of hybrid work crystallize, the organizations that have opted to go hybrid begin to face various challenges.

The main challenges include:

  • Different expectations of employers and employees regarding remote work and level of flexibility
  • Office incentives do not work at all or have only short-term effects
  • Difficulties in developing a hybrid model that offers flexibility while ensuring smooth and efficient operations on both team and company level

Who is the guide intended for?

The knowledge contained in this publication will be useful for senior executives, especially boards and CEOs making decisions about the organization’s work model, HR directors, and managers managing dispersed teams. The guide will help you understand how to approach the solution of divergent expectations and develop a model of work that reconciles the needs of both parties.

From the guide you will find out:

  • what the expectations gap between employees and the organization stems from,
  • what are the two prevailing narratives of remote work – that of employees and that of managers,
  • which factors determine whether employees want to show up at the office,
  • what steps managers can take to reconcile the need for flexibility with the smooth operation of the company,
  • how to approach developing a smart dispersed collaboration model.

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