Case study: SEB Office | Scandinavian design and tradition in the heart of Warsaw

The new office of Scandinavian bank SEB in Warsaw is a harmonious combination of Scandinavian design, Swedish lagom philosophy and the industrial and historical character of the Norblin Factory building. The office interiors exude a timeless style, where minimalist simplicity harmonizes with elements of Polish interwar design.


A peaceful and natural work space

The office was designed with the modern way of working and the dynamic growth of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, a leader in corporate and institutional banking in the Nordic countries, in mind. It is a workplace for high-level professionals supporting working capital and investment management, risk management and those responsible for advisory services and market analysis.

This is why the interiors of the office were intended to be an oasis of peace and tranquility. They designed intimate work spaces in neutral non-distracting colors and islands of desks were surrounded by plants to provide comfort and visual separation. Silencing elements such as sound-absorbing panels, curtains and acoustic screens were also used, creating a friendly work environment conducive to concentration and focus.

Building and developing community

SEB’s new headquarters offers flexible meeting spaces that foster the exchange of ideas and creative dialogue. From comfortable lounge areas to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, the space allows for dynamic meetings in both smaller and larger groups.

Next to the reception area is the coffee bar, a vibrant, energizing place that creates a pleasant atmosphere where employees can enjoy delicious coffee. In addition, the open common space connected to the coffee bar plays an important role in the office, enabling meetings of employees throughout the bank and other important events, workshops or training sessions. It’s part of the office’s architecture that supports building commitment – so important in SEB’s organizational culture – developing a community of employees.

Time for fika

Immediately upon entering the office, one is greeted by the smell of coffee brewed by a barista. Fika – time for coffee, something sweet and informal conversation – is an important part of Swedish tradition. The coffee bar located in a representative area also accessible to guests is a meeting place, creating an atmosphere of openness and hospitality in the office.

The entrance space was also designed with events in mind. One passes from it to a spacious kitchen, from which one can go out to a terrace, surrounding part of the office. It is worth mentioning that a view analysis was carried out to find the most attractive zones and arrange functions accordingly.

Traditionally modern: professionalism and continuity

The design of SEB’s new work environment brings to mind the word “professionalism.” Every office is a story, and SEB’s office says: we are solid, modern, reliable, focused on representing the client’s interests to the best of our ability. Top-quality materials such as stone, wood, linen and Scandinavian moss have been used here to create a natural and welcoming work environment, emphasizing attention to detail and high quality workmanship. The office has been finished with sophistication, class and taste. All this is complemented by unique artistic elements, such as a paper sculpture of a dog made by a Swedish artist of Polish origin, which add to the unique character and create an inspiring atmosphere.


The arrangement was designed to stand the test of time while creating a work environment that promotes efficiency, creativity and teamwork. It is a place where the bank’s values and tradition meet history and local heritage, creating a unique and inspiring environment for employees. The design theme is traditionally modern. Continuity – one of the bank’s values – has gained a tangible, material dimension in the office.

In line with the SEB Group’s policy, a consistent space design and brand identity is sought in all offices around the world. Therefore, the architects worked closely with the client’s working group to ensure that the design fit into the catalog of accepted solutions. At the same time, it was very important to capture and reflect the genius loci of the place. The Warsaw spirit is revealed in details such as pre-war corsages in the kitchen. This makes the realizations of the office spaces, although consistent, not like projects reflected from the same stamp.

Design that reflects organizational culture

The entire SEB office in Warsaw is steeped in innovation, creativity and harmony. It resonates with the organizational culture and is the culmination of a design process in which the architects looked for ways to combine what makes SEB unique – the Scandinavian DNA, a unique work culture in which professionalism and mutual respect and respect for localism are important, and a drive to create a dynamic, modern workplace that offers space for growth and nurturing well-being.


  • Interior Design & Architecture: Zuzanna Jaszczuk, Paulina Palmowska
  • Fit-out & General Construction: Grzegorz Roman, Patrycja Czernow, Maciej Wieczorkiewicz, Paweł Szczepański, Ewelina Ambroziak
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