Case study: Qualtrics | A healthy workspace for a healthy culture

Qualtrics’ brand-new headquarters shatters the stereotypical image of a dull office space. This unique interior seamlessly blends a modern industrial vibe – aligned with the company’s dynamic culture – with influences drawn from Krakow’s vibrant urban scene.

The Qualtrics office was designed to offer employees an optimal work environment, all while maintaining an inviting atmosphere conducive to face-to-face collaboration and relationship building.

Client context

Qualtrics specializes in cutting-edge solutions within business analytics and client and employee experience management. The new office is located in the High5ive building in Cracow and spans 3 floors, with a total area of about 5500 sqm. The interior design concept, along with architectural supervision, was developed by Colliers Define team led by architects Agnieszka Ulatowska and Paulina Palmowska.

From ideas to shapes

The functional layout, a collaborative effort between Qualtrics and the design team, revolves around two key zones: workspaces and community-building areas. These community spaces include generously sized kitchens and an array of relaxation spots, ideal for informal interactions.

For individual tasks requiring focus and concentration, spacious and soundproofed open workspaces are readily available, conveniently adjacent to meeting rooms of varying sizes. The office also boasts a diverse range of additional spaces, fostering collaboration, creativity, and the exchange of ideas. Notable among these are themed social hubs and kitchens found on each floor:


  • Coffee Roasters – the largest social zone, boasting an industrial cafeteria-style decor. Employees not only have access to a variety of premium coffees and coffee machines but can also savor daily catered lunches. Additionally, this space hosts large corporate events on a monthly basis.
  • Arcade Kitchen – designed for entertainment and team integration, this area captures the colorful and dynamic ambiance of an arcade pub. It features neon lights, arcade game machines, a board game area, Playstation, foosball, and table tennis. Employees frequently gather here even after working hours, enjoying board games or bringing their kids to experience the office on weekends.
  • Streetfood Kitchen – inspired by the vibrant street eatery culture, this kitchen incorporates street food container aesthetics and various dining areas adorned with playful light garlands and pallet-based decorative elements.

In addition to these communal spaces, the office provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation, including the highly-praised “Botanical Garden“. This tranquil oasis boasts lush greenery, inviting lighting, and cozy materials. Massage chairs and plush furnishings are thoughtfully spread throughout different areas of the office.

Physical activity is encouraged with dedicated zones that feature a gym co-designed by employees, a highly popular yoga room, and a climbing wall complemented by an area for stretching and spinal care.

Paulina Palmowska Architect, Colliers Define

The company’s distinctive casual and fun atmosphere is immediately evident upon entering, replacing traditional reception solutions with innovative spaces like the skatepark and botanical garden.

Internal movement throughout the office is facilitated by an interconnected staircase that unifies the three floors into one cohesive space. This staircase also serves as a vibrant graphic focal point, underscoring the office’s raw, industrial nature.

While the industrial vibe is prevalent, it’s perfectly balanced by colorful elements drawn from youthful street culture. The identity and essence of the Qualtrics brand shine through graphic and decorative elements collaboratively crafted by the company’s employees. For instance, a mural playfully symbolizes the cities where the company’s headquarters are located. These branding elements seamlessly blend with details that pay homage to the allure of Cracow. Local accents reinforce a sense of belonging and create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

Agnieszka Ulatowska Senior Architect, Colliers Define

New reality

This harmonious fusion, resulting from the synergy between architects and employees, has produced a workspace with a remarkably unified character. Employees actively engage with the amenities offered, embodying Qualtrics’ commitment to fostering a healthy work culture through thoughtful, tailored spatial solutions.

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