SEB Office received third prize in Global Architecture & Design Awards!

Yet another international award for Colliers Define project! SEB bank’s office in Warsaw received the prestigious third prize in the Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023 competition organized by the well-known magazine Rethinking The Future. The interior designed and realized by our team was appreciated as a perfect example of a harmonious combination of the Scandinavian lagom philosophy with the historical context of the Norblin Factory building.


The Global Architecture & Design Awards is a prestigious event in the architecture and design industry that annually attracts the attention of leading firms and designers from around the world. It rewards innovative and intelligent approaches, and aims to recognize outstanding work in the field of architecture, as well as provide a platform to promote the strategies used by architects and designers to respond to today’s global challenges.

Masterful combination of design and tradition

SEB Bank’s office in Warsaw was recognized for its harmonious combination of Scandinavian design and Swedish lagom philosophy with the industrial and historical character of the Norblin Factory site. The interior of the office uses high-quality materials such as stone, natural wood, linen and Scandinavian moss to create biophilic, close to nature and friendly working environments. At the same time, the interior exudes a timeless style, where minimalist simplicity harmonizes with elements of Polish interwar design.

The combination of Scandinavian aesthetics with local touches creates a unique and inspiring work space that reflects the values and culture of the organization. The final look and feel of our Warsaw office is the result of teamwork, in which SEB’s internal Group Real Estate team led an active role. It is thanks to the many meetings and joint work of Colliers Define and SEB employees that the office has achieved its perfect look, which delights visitors and rakes in more international awards.

Anita Fogler Head of Group Real Estate Poland, Marketing and Communication Responsible, SEB

In response to the needs of employees

The design theme, “traditionally modern,” reflects SEB Bank’s corporate culture, combining innovation, creativity and harmony. The office offers flexible meeting spaces, from comfortable sitting areas to modern conference rooms. The use of soundproofing elements, such as sound-absorbing panels, curtains and acoustic screens, created a work environment conducive to focus and concentration. A view analysis was also used in the design process to best fit the various zones for different functions. The entrance space leads to a spacious kitchen with access to a terrace surrounding part of the office. Next to the reception area is a coffee bar, inspired by the Swedish tradition of fika – the coffee break. A key role in the process of employee integration is also played by the open common space adjacent to the bar, which allows the organization of meetings and corporate events.

The award in the 2023 Global Design & Architecture Design Awards is a huge achievement for the Colliers Define team. We are extremely proud that our joint work with the Group Real Estate team from SEB on the design of the Warsaw office has been recognized internationally, and the fact that the winners of previous editions include some of the world’s most respected design offices, including Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster + Partners, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture adds even more prestige to this award. We see this award as a validation of our commitment to creating not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional and innovative work spaces. We are committed to designing interiors that not only respond to the needs of today’s world, but also inspire and contribute to the well-being of those who use them.

Dorota Osiecka Partner, Colliers Define

The Colliers Define team, consisting of: Zuzanna Jaszczuk and Paulina Palmowska (architects) and Grzegorz Roman, Patrycja Czernow, Maciej Wieczorkiewicz, Paweł Szczepański and Ewelina Amboroziak (executive team).

The award of the Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023 is another honor for the SEB Bank office – previously the project was also recognized in the Global Future Design Awards 2023.

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