Our designs awarded at the Global Future Design Awards 2023!

Three office interior designs by our Colliers Define platform have won recognition from an international jury in this year’s Global Future Design Awards architectural competition. The Gold Award Winner was given to the PepsiCo and Qualtrics offices in Cracow, while the Silver Award Winner went to the office of the Scandinavian bank SEB.

The Global Future Design Awards is a competition organised by Architecture Press Release (APR), the online architectural awards portal that is the industry’s global media leader. The competition aims to recognise the world’s best architectural designs and promote their positive impact on everyday life. Award-winning projects this year included work by studios such as Foster + Partners and Snøhetta.

A properly designed work environment has a crucial impact on the productivity and well-being of employees. Mistakes in assumptions about the work model, the design of a space or the execution of fit-out works can have significant and long-term consequences for a business. This is why, at Colliers Define, we place such a strong emphasis on reliable, cross-cutting data, a comprehensive approach to the process and a focus on what the final outcome of the project should be in terms of the company’s business objectives. Doing so avoids the pitfalls of divided responsibility for the process and reduces risks for clients. We are delighted that projects carried out using this approach are gaining international recognition.

Dorota Osiecka Partner, Colliers & Director, Colliers Define

Instagrammable Office, employee wellbeing and design that captures the spirit of the company

PepsiCo’s office in Cracow, the first of the two Gold Award Winners, is a 5,000 sqm. project that has been designed to attract new generations of young employees. It is a space that offers users a unique experience which is worth sharing – the so-called Instagrammable Office. In line with PepsiCo’s philosophy of ‘work that works’, the arrangement created by the Colliers Define team supports the organisation’s dynamic, hybrid working model.

The company’s headquarters in Cracow serves as a hub for collaboration, connecting a diverse, globally dispersed workforce. The design and space branding, inspired by the company’s abundant range of flagship products, reflect the character of the PepsiCo brand.

Responsible for the project was the Colliers Define team consisting of: Agnieszka Ulatowska, Paulina Palmowska, Maja Bielecka, Aleksandra Adamczyk, Magdalena Jaszczuk, Joanna Burbridge and Łukasz Mazurek.

Another Gold Award Winner was Qualtrics’ new headquarters, which combines the company’s values of openness, transparency and concern for employee wellbeing with Cracow’s rich cultural heritage.

The guiding theme was the idea of building a healthy space for a healthy organisational culture and creating a place with an informal atmosphere. The office provides optimal conditions for employees to work effectively, while also encouraging integration, relationship building and relaxation – even outside working hours.

The authors of the project are: Agnieszka Ulatowska, Paulina Palmowska, Maja Bielecka and Monika Gut-Kintzi.

The Silver Award went to the Warsaw office of the Scandinavian bank SEB, which uniquely combines design inspired by the Swedish ‘lagom’ philosophy with the industrial and historical character of the Norblin Factory. In the SEB headquarters, minimalist simplicity interacts with elements of Polish inter-war design, creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity and innovation.

The authors of the project are Zuzanna Jaszczuk and Paulina Palmowska, and the fit-out was carried out by Grzegorz Roman, Patrycja Czernow, Maciej Wieczorkiewicz, Paweł Szczepański and Ewelina Ambroziak.

A tailor-made approach in space design

It is a challenge to create places that stand out. It’s even more of a challenge to deliver them within certain business guidelines, including budget or time constraints. But the real satisfaction comes from seeing how these spaces function for users and clients. Colliers Define is the only entity in the market that combines consultancy, design and technical expertise in one team working hand-in-hand. This approach is what allows us to create exceptional spaces – ones that matter to people and make sense from a business perspective.

Bartosz Jankowski Partner, Colliers & Director, Colliers Define

Colliers Define is a proprietary platform of integrated services designed to comprehensively transform commercial spaces, including offices, retail, hotels, the PRS market and more. The Define platform consists of three main service areas: advisory services for defining property functions, concepts and strategies (Define), space design (Design) and turnkey project delivery (Deliver) for general construction of space. All phases are carried out by a unified team of Colliers experts, including work environment experts, architects, engineers as well as specialists in ergonomics and furniture selection, corporate identity and smart office and IT/AV solutions.

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