Case study: Inchcape Park | Revitalizing industrial property into showroom

Transforming the interior of the warehouses into a modern space tailored to the needs of customers. Combining the technical requirements of an automotive service facility with the image targets of debuting Inchcape Park’s new business concept. Our Design & Build team was responsible for the refurbishment and general construction.

A new concept for Inchcape, the largest independent distributor in the automotive industry, has opened in Warsaw. It is the first facility in Poland to combine the functions of a multi-brand showroom offering more than 100 premium used cars with authorised BMW, MINI, Jaguar and Land Rover services. Behind the revitalization of the old industrial property and its transformation into a modern showroom and automotive service is our Design & Build team within Colliers Define platform.


Context and projects challenges

Our engineering team faced the challenge of complete reconstruction and change of the function of warehouse part of Logicor Warszawa complex at Łopuszańska 38B. On behalf of the owner of the facility – Logicor Fund – nearly 7,000 sq m was adapted to the needs of tenant Inchcape Polska – e.g. in terms of adaptation to current technical or fire safety regulations, replacement of installations, revitalization of the facade and general fit-out of the showroom space and mechanical services.

The project required an innovative approach to the process of revitalization and change of the function of already existing space. The main objective was to breathe new life into the building with the use of advanced technological solutions that would meet the high requirements of the client and the users of the facility.

Process and technological tools

At the Deliver stage, we focus on accuracy, relieving the client of the risk of defects and unnecessary budgetary expenses. In this case, the tenant’s needs required adapting the building to support high-tech equipment. For this purpose we conducted a detailed technical and fire expertise of the building, which allowed to create a project of complex rebuilding of both sanitary and electrical installations, including replacement of lighting.

FFit-out for the automotive industry is technically more challenging than, for example, adaptation of office space only. In the case of Inchcape Park, the project required us to take into account many different functions and to reconstruct the entire facility, including the façade.

In the process of redesigning offices, only the part of the building which has one, already clearly defined function is taken into consideration. In this case, the design stage required us to cooperate with the entire Inchcape team as well as the suppliers so that the solutions developed could best meet the non-standard requirements related to the tenant’s business. In order to optimize the whole process, we constantly monitored the progress of implementation and verified how the projects turned out “live”.

Bartosz Jankowski Partner in Colliers, Director of Colliers Define

The new reality for Inchcape

As a result of the redevelopment, the warehouse building gained a service function and the space was divided into 5 zones:

  • an office and administration area with a sales hall (approx. 2000 sq.m.);
  • a service hall for 10 stands, with an adjoining reception area and parts warehouse (approx. 900 sqm);
  • a sales hall, with a hall for nearly 100 cars (approx. 3000 sqm);
  • a training area for mechanics (approx. 300 sqm);
  • a car wash with 3 stands (approx. 300 sqm).

The training area and the workshop have been equipped with numerous solutions, such as exhaust extraction system, compressed air installation, as well as typical workshop equipment, such as jacks, dynamometers, instruments for light setting control or tire changing stations. Advanced acoustic solutions in the form of ceiling acoustic islands have also been introduced.

Inchcape Park in Warsaw is currently our flagship project and a key element of the company’s development strategy in Poland. We wanted the most advanced technical solutions that would bring our services to a completely new level and meet the current needs of our customers. At Inchcape Park almost all processes, from appointments and consultations to the service itself and payments, can be done remotely. Customers can also use the service 24/7 without contact using special lockers, the so-called key machines.

Piotr Berzyński Director of Inchcape Warsaw
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