Case study: Hines | Classic and timeless space

Classic, representative, and timeless interior for Hines office. Fast and efficient process for a client from the real estate industry. This is the behind-the-scenes look at Hines’ Warsaw headquarters project.

One of the main design goals was to create an interior that reflects the company’s professionalism and years of market experience. The Colliers Define team was responsible for the interior design concept, execution plan, and implementation.

The beginning of the story

Hines is one of the world’s largest real estate investors, operating in 395 cities across 30 countries and managing assets worth nearly 96 billion dollars. Colliers Define has collaborated with Hines multiple times on designing and implementing commercial spaces in their properties. This time, we were asked to design the interior of Hines’ office for their relocation to the new headquarters in the Wola Center building in Warsaw.


Fast and efficient – these two words describe the implementation process for Hines. The client knew exactly what they expected from the architects and the general execution team. The functional layout was developed by the client representatives, and Colliers Define architects, Anna Pyłka, and Natalia Lidak, were tasked with designing the interior, selecting solutions that would give it character and build a narrative reflecting the client’s brand.


From ideas to shapes

Hines’ headquarters is divided into several zones. The working area is an open space with a shared desk system. It is supplemented with focus rooms, providing employees with the opportunity to work in concentration or hold confidential conversations. The main meeting place for employees is the “relationship zone” – a kitchenette area connected to the dining room. The representative area with reception and conference rooms exudes elegance and high standards, which Hines ensures in its investments.

Subdued colors dominate in the office, complemented by green and yellow accents. In the interior design, we included eco-friendly and user-friendly solutions. We used natural materials such as veneer and cork, and the acoustic ceiling was made of soft but durable panels from recycled PET bottles.

Anna Pyłka Senior Architect, Colliers Define

New reality

The new Hines headquarters features a classic and timeless interior that reflects the company’s years of market experience and professionalism.


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