Case study: Farnell | Nature-inspired office

A realization in which a flexible approach was a recipe for success. A balanced, comfortable and modern space. These are the results of the project for Farnell’s headquarters in Cracow.

Among the main objectives of the realization for Farnell was to create a calm and supportive environment for employees. The design of the new office was supposed to be adapted not only to the new location, but also to the hybrid work model.

Project challenges:

  • Customization of the space to accommodate a variety of activities and the changing needs of users
  • Adaptation of the space to a hybrid work model
  • Long delivery times for materials

The beginning of the story

Farnell is a global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions with more than 80 years of experience. The company approached Colliers Define concerning its relocation to a new 1,200 sqm office located in Tertium Business Park B in Cracow, Poland. Colliers Define specialists were responsible for preparing the arrangement project for the company’s new headquarters, carrying out the work in terms of comprehensive fit-out of the new office, delivery of furniture, AV system and greenery.


In the selection of the space and negotiation of the lease agreement for the office, which will accommodate 130 people, the Client was advised by experts from the Cracow branch of Colliers.

Cracow consistently records high interest from tenants, especially in new leases, as evidenced by their nearly 60 percent share recorded in the first quarter of this year. The continuing relatively high vacancy rate is beneficial to tenants who sign traditional contracts for a minimum of five years. In this case, tenants can count on advantageous commercial terms and space in a very good standard. For tenants, this is a great moment to review their own office space needs and verify opportunities in the office market. Our Client, Farnell, took advantage of such a moment by deciding to relocate to Tertium Business Park.

Anna Galicka-Bieda Partner in Colliers, Regional Director of Colliers in Cracow

A major challenge in executing the project for Farnell was the long delivery times for materials.

In order to deliver the finished space within the client’s expected time frame, we placed orders for key materials (e.g., air-conditioning units) before the work began. In turn, to meet the expectations of the architects and our Client regarding the aesthetics of the finishes, we brought in special molds to shape the decorative felt panels used as wall cladding. The result pleased us all, as did the course of the cooperation itself.

Sebastian Socha Project Manager, Colliers Define

From ideas to shapes

The design of the new office for Farnell was adapted not only to the new location, but also to the hybrid work model.

This is reflected in a functional layout that supports collaboration and allows flexible use of the office, adapted to the changing needs and diverse activities of users. In designing the new space, we placed emphasis on common spaces – meeting rooms of various sizes and social zones that foster employee integration.

Agnieszka Ulatowska Senior Architect, Colliers Define

In the arrangement of the new office, Colliers Define experts focused on colors and materials inspired by nature – the predominant colors are neutral tones such as beiges, grays, combined with greens and blues, which were offset by warm accents of materials such as wood and cork. In the social spaces (i.e. chillout, kitchen, coffee point), rest and relaxation for employees is supported by wallpapers with floral motifs.

Ecology and comfort

In the Farnell office, modern solutions and environmentally friendly materials have been used. The B building itself, where the office is located, significantly reduces energy consumption through SMART LED lighting with motion and dusk sensors and access to daylight from every work area, as well as through investment in top-of-the-line electronic equipment that meets international energy standards.

Work ergonomics was also taken into account when designing the interior – the desks and chairs are made of sustainable materials and feature flexible height adjustment and a wide range of configurations for users.

Outside the building there is a green courtyard with places to unwind while working either sitting on comfortable benches or in a hammock. Employees of the new office can also play table tennis, foosball or relax among the trees and flowers.

New reality

Farnell’s new office is more sustainable, comfortable and modern. Thanks to the smooth operation of all parties, employees can meet in a space that impresses, integrates and increases efficiency.

After celebrating the 10th anniversary of our presence in Cracow last year, we are thrilled to have taken another step on our growth path with the opening of this fantastic new office space. By moving into a first-class facility, we are confident that over 130 of our employees will continue to provide the best distribution services to thousands of clients in 26 countries, working in 15 different languages.

Sabina Rozlach Director of Farnell’s EMEA Sales Office in Cracow, Poland


Colliers Define Team

Architecture & Interior Design:
Agnieszka Ulatowska, Magdalena Kubicka, Maja Bielecka

Fit-out & General Construction:
Sebastian Socha, Mirosława Baran, Judyta Haduch, Urszula Handzlik, Tomasz Chodań, Stanisław Wiktorek

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