Report: Hybrid and Beyond 2023 | Evolution of Work Models

How is the landscape of hybrid work changing in Poland? What challenges do organizations operating in a dispersed model face?


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  • How are work models in Poland changing? What significant differences have occurred compared to 2022?
  • How is the approach to office-based work changing? What challenges are companies facing as they try to encourage more office presence?
  • What initiatives supporting employee well-being are currently being implemented?
  • How do managers assess the impact of remote work on various aspects of the organization?
  • How are companies modifying their recruitment strategies? Have the 2022 plans been reflected in reality?

The report also features separate sections devoted to the BPO/SSC, financial sector, and IT industries.

The report is a continuation of the survey conducted last year and allowing us to compare changes in the field of hybrid and remote work over the past year. The observations and recommendations contained in the report are designed to support organizations in their ongoing improvement processes.


Partners of the report and survey:

ABSL PropTech Foundation Randstad

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